A combination of textile, fashion and sculpture for unconventional costume mounted on statue

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One very interesting tradition of life is dressing and the most discerning element of it is clothing. Clothing could be described as a covering designed to be worn on a person's body. By deduction, clothing could be described as the various articles such as apparel, accessories, headdress, and make up that are applied on the body for dressing. Its significance is so dire that the Article 25 of UN Universal Human Right Declaration Charter, (1948), has declared it to be among the basic necessities of life. Over the years, the huge demand for clothing worldwide has led to a sprawling industry that is highly competitive. So keen is the competition that nations like Ghana appear to have been engulfed by the major players exposing the state to the dictates of the market leaders. In the process, the local textile/clothing industry has virtually been grounded and the related challenges are too bare to ignore (Quartey, 2006).
A thesis submitted to Department of Industrial Art,2012