Formulation of pawpaw and pineapple jams and assessment of sensory quality by fuzzy modeling

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November, 2016
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Fruit extract, sugar, pectin and organic acid are the four (4) ingredients needed for jam production. However, the quality of the jam is highly dependent on the choice of concentrations of each ingredient. This study investigated the highly accepted pawpaw and pineapple (pawpine) jam formulation using fuzzy logic modeling. Out of 13 pawpaw and pineapple blends that were formulated with Mixture design, the one with 60% pawpaw and 40% pineapple (without citric acid, sugar and pectin) proportions was highly accepted for the jam preparation. Afterwards Fuzzy logic model was used to formulate 27 pawpine jam products with varying concentrations (low, medium, high) of pectin, sugar, and citric acid. On the basis of 4 sensory characteristics (taste, colour, texture and odour), a 5-point hedonic scale was used by 18 panelists to assess the 27 pawpine jams. The responses given by the 18 panelists were analyzed by Fuzzy logic model to determine the best desired formulation. The Best desired products were that formulated with low citric acid (0 g), low sugar (100 g) and low pectin (9 g), as well as medium citric acid (3 g), medium sugar (120 g) and medium pectin (10.5 g), with each having a desirability as high as 93.5 %. Additive effects of pectin, sugar and citric acid played a significant role in the jam production. To produce the best quality pawpine jam, formulations of choice are either 0 g citric acid, 100 g sugar and 9 g pectin, or 3 g citric acid, 120 g sugar and10.5 g pectin.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Food Science and Technology, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Master of Science in Food Quality Management,