Association between Health insurance and prescribing pattern of Antibiotics in Mampong Municipality

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September, 2016
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Antibiotics constitute the mainstay of modern health care delivery (Park et al 2005). They play a significant role in disease prevention and treatment in both developed and developing countries in spite of advances in medical science and technology. As essential medicines, they enhance the reduction of morbidity and mortality thus improving health care outcomes and the quality of life. Although they have been described as part of the greatest blessings of modern medicine, antibiotics inappropriate use poses danger to humanity (Radyowijati and Haak, 2002). Over utilization of antibiotics has become a major challenge to health care delivery globally (WHO/HAI, 2011). It has been cited as accounting for numerous global health care problems including increasing incidence of antibiotic resistance and increasing health care bill (Razon et al 2001). The increasing incidence of antibiotic resistance in previously susceptible micro-organism due to over prescription of antibiotics has been described as a threat not only to patient safety and quality of care, but also national security and global stability (WHO/HAI, 2011). Moreover, resistance to antibiotics is a major problem globally thus requiring international as well as national efforts to counteract the emergence of resistance (Davey et al., 2008).
A dissertation submitted to School of Graduate Studies in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of master of science degree (Clinical Pharmacy),