Barriers to implementation of project monitoring and evaluation: A study of corporate social responsibility projects of large organisations in the Western Region

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Project Monitoring and Evaluation has become a central element in project management, and indeed a useful endeavor that ensures and enhances the success and impact of an intervention. However, the implementation of an effective Project Monitoring and Evaluation in organizations have been with some critical impediments. These challenges render the implementation of Project Monitoring and Evaluation ineffective and consequently affect the success of the project. This study seeks to identify the major barriers to Project Monitoring and Evaluation in the execution of Corporate Social Responsibility projects by large corporations in the Western Region. A survey was conducted to collect quantitative data with the use of a simple closed ended questionnaire. A sample of 34 people participated in the study. Descriptive statistics such as frequencies and one sample t test were employed to analyze the quantitative data. Findings from the study revealed that the absence of a Monitoring and Evaluation policy, and budgetary constraints are significant barriers to the effective implementation of Project Monitoring and Evaluation. Factors that were considered to have an influence in the implementation of Project Monitoring and Evaluation were mainly, finance and staff capacity of the performing organization. The existence of these barriers in Project Monitoring and Evaluation pose a significant threat to the success of the project. Performing organizations will fail to provide evidence of an intervention if these barriers are not resolved. Addressing these barriers would offer the project team and performing organization a positive edge to enhance outcome and impact
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in partial fulfillment of requirements for the Award Degree of Master of Science in Project Management.
Barriers, project monitoring, evaluation, social responsibility, Western Region