Design and construction of model packages for selected Ghanaian ceramic wares

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The project deals with the lack of packaging for local ceramic industry as well as for export. Ghanaian ceramic wares are nicely produced to complete with foreign products on the open market. Although they do complete favourably, the quality of their presentation are not the same or comparable to the foreign products in terms of packaging. Locally made ceramic wares are sold in the shops and on the open market without packages, although packages are made for the foreign products. The most common ones are bowls, mugs, flower vases etc. Like all fragile commercial products, Ghanaian ceramic wares need special packages to protect them against breakages and damages. However there are no standardized packages for such products in the country, therefore there is the need to produce sample prototype packages for selected Ghanaian Ceramic wares. Literature related to the topic was reviewed in the second chapter. Chapter three addressed General procedures required for packaging, which include observance of international quality standard, information on transportation, language, typography, colour brand names. Tools, materials and equipments used for the project, the construction of the pack, the designing of the label and finally the summary, conclusion and recommendation were discussed. The main finding was that there are no packages for locally produced ceramic wares in Ghana. It is recommended that ceramic producers in Ghana employ the services of qualified packaging designers to produce packages for their products and also to advise them on any packaging problems.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Art Education, College of Arts and Social Sciences in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the Master of Arts degree, 2003