The Impact of Indigenous Religious Practices on the Art of Dompim No.1

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Most religions in the world especially the indigenous religion of the people of Dompim No1, Ghana and the rest of Africa have influence on the people’s arts. The arts such as religious sculptures, paintings, textiles and others, serve as instruments of power through which the gods or divinities could be communicated to for favour and also as a link between the supernatural and the natural worlds. The artistic creativity in Dompim No1 is bound up with religious beliefs and practices. Divine inspiration is commonly invoked as a motivation for artistic expression, technique and styles. Based on the above, it was identified that religious practices and beliefs including the production of religious art are incapable in the lives of the people of Dompim No.1, yet most of the people do not seem to understand and appreciate the impact the religion has on the art of the people of Dompim No.1, hence the need for the research. The problem of the research was identified as well the research question which happens to be the impose of this thesis. The methods which were adopted were descriptive and historical and the qualitative research method was also use. The target population was the chief and elders, priest, clan leaders and some leaders. The stratified sampling method was adopted. The research instruments used included interviews and observation and primary and secondary data were collected and analyzed. The putting off, of unattended fire was as a result of the wearing of Abownda Awie mask in the dry season by the assistant of the chief priest of Dompim No.1. The cult artists of Dompim No.1 were believed to have been directed by the deity to produce ritual art forms, such as ancestral figures and almost all the figures look alike, which gives the notion that the artists do copy art. With regards to the above findings, some of the religious practices and beliefs have gotten most of the people economically unstable, thereby forcing them to leave the town to the city centres in search of non existing jobs. Some also kept the people on their toes with regards to social vices such as theft and others. The study indicated that a strong relationship exists among art, ancestors, divinities, spirits and the living. The religion has impact on the art of Dompim No 1, therefore affect the socio-economic lives of the people. This research which is a body of knowledge is intended to benefit researchers of African art and culture and the people of Dompim No.1 who do not seems to have any written document concerning their community. Indeed, the indigenous religion of Dompim No.1 has influence on their art.
A Thesis submitted to the school of Graduates Studies of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the award of the degree in Master of Arts in African Art and Culture