Asante art and culture: the mainspring of Asante’s greatness and glory

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The study makes a general survey of the Art and Culture involved in the greatness and glory of Asanteman; and in accordance with the research objectives, the thesis has mainly given an account of the role which Asante Art and Culture played in Asante’s greatness, and the role that Asante Art and Culture played to make Asante glorious. The thesis comprises five chapters. Chapter One which deals with the statement of the problem and its setting, which are the objectives, importance of the study, reasons for writing the thesis, delimitations, limitations, justification of the objectives, hypothesis, statements of assumptions, methodology, ethnographic background of Asante and the significance of the research. Chapter Two reviews some literature pertinent to the topic, whilst Chapter Three of the thesis concerns itself with the role which Asante art and culture have played in making Asante great. It therefore discusses the political, social, medico-religious, and economic aspects, as well as the arts that helped Asante to become great. Chapter Four investigates and discusses the role which Asante Art and Culture played in making Asante glorious; it therefore examines the various branches of art (the visual, body, performing and verbal ones) that contributed to make Asante glorious. Also, the role that some other cultural aspects, such as religion, traditional politics (that is chieftaincy) played in making Asante glorious has been considered. The last chapter (five) concludes the discussions, with the summary of the thesis and offers some suggestions for the development of the arts to make Asante more glorious. It has pointed out, however, that since art is dynamic, the identification and examination of the various artifacts, connected with Asante culture should be examined more properly, so that the archaic ones are done away with, and the good ones be promoted or retained, for the use of the future generations. The thesis has shown that Asante art and culture made Asante great and glorious. Art played and continues to play an important role in Asante’s greatness and glory as seen in all the chapters in this thesis. It is hoped that it will generate further investigations in order to arouse further interest in this area for future field researchers.
A thesis submitted to the School of Graduate Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in African Art and Culture, 2005