Assessing the effect of supply chain management practices on the operational performance of ghana rubber estates limited: the mediating role of knowledge sharing.

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For the majority of businesses that wish to continue operating and acquire a competitive edge in today's global market, effective and efficient supply chain management has emerged as a serious topic of discussion and worry. Since rivalry is now within supply chains rather than between firms, it has emerged as a potentially fruitful method of achieving competitive advantage through improving organizational and operational performances. Seven dimensions of SCM practice (strategic supplier partnership, customer relationship, level of information sharing, logistics, internal lean practices, Responsiveness, Outsourcing) are conceptualized, developed, and tested in this study. It also examines the links between SCM practices and operational performance. Data for the study were gathered from 52 GREL employees. The relationships proposed in the framework were tested using Pearson correlation, the causal relations were analyzed using regression analysis and the chi-square test of independence of which the strength was further investigated with the Phi’s and Crammer’s Values respectively. From the result of the analysis, it is concluded that SCM practices largely influences operational performance. Consequently, the mediation test revealed that knowledge sharing is not a mediator of Supply chain management practices and organizational operational performance, thus the direct effect of knowledge sharing on supply chain management practices and operational performance is insignificant and hence has a non-mediation effect Therefore, in order to achieve advancement in their supply chain management practices in the long-run through enhancing operational performance, it is better for the organization to give due emphasis to the constructs of SCM practices (logistics and responsiveness) and the measures of operational performance
A thesis submitted to the institute of distance learning, Kwame Nkrumah university of science and technology, in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree masters of science in logistics and supply chain management institute of distance learning, kunst