Pointillist expression of dance forms in Ghana

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There exist in the ten administrative regions of Ghana several tribes, each of which has a number of dance forms. The scope covers one dance form from each of these regions based on its popularity. European and African artists have either painted the subject of dance or used the pointillist technique. The works of those who have used both the above theme and technique have been compared with those of the researcher. The researcher made experiments in the following styles, realism, abstraction and impressionism. The media used were pencil, charcoal, pen, oil and acrylic paints. The main project deals with ten dance themes painted in the pointillist technique by the researcher. Brief history of each dance form, the methods used in painting each work are analysed and the results discussed. In conclusion, the researcher makes an appeal to artists (painters) to be creative and original in recording other dance forms in Ghana for posterity.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Painting and Sculpture, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, in partial fulfilment of the requirement of the award of Master of Fine Art (MFA) degree in Painting, 2001