Assessment of stakeholder engagement practices of it projects: A case study of GCB Bank Limited Ghana

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Stakeholder engagement is the process by which an organization involves people who may be affected by the decisions it makes or can influence the implementation of its decisions. Engaging stakeholders on projects is very crucial. Information Technology (IT) projects have become increasingly crucial to every organization wishing to achieve operational excellence (Badewi, 2016). In the Ghanaian banking industry, most heads of internal IT units as well as projects managers tend to focus more on the success criteria in terms of cost, schedule and quality of projects, neglecting the needs and expectations of stakeholders in the organization. Managers lack the right strategies for engaging the right stakeholders in IT projects. This study adopts standard stakeholder engagement practices that are mostly used by organizations especially in IT projects to analyze the strength of GCB Bank Limited in this regard. The purpose of this research is to explore the stakeholder engagement practices prevalent at GCB Bank Limited as well as analyze the effectiveness of same.This study adopted a quantitative approach, employing the use of questionnaires as the main tool for data collection. Staff and related parties with knowledge and experience in IT projects were sampled for this study. These included top managers, project managers, project team members, internal customers and vendor of GCB Bank Limited. Analysis of research data revealed that GCB Bank Limited has been progressive and effectual in its stakeholder engagement practices. It was recommended that project managers should pay close attention to the expectations of their stakeholders and more efforts should be put into conflicts resolution. Effective stakeholder engagement should be given priority right from project initiation.  
A thesis submitted to the Department Of Construction Technology and Management, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in partial fulfilment of the requirement for theAward Degree of Master of Science in Project Management
Assessment of stakeholder, Practices, GCB Bank Limited Ghana