Quality Assurance in the Hospitality Industry: A Case Study of Capital View Hotel, Koforidua

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The hospitality industry has seen tremendous change over the last decade. Hospitality business today is an integral part of the human life whether in a commercial scale or in small scale. Although, the hospitality industry is seen to be booming as new structures are being put up every day, it is yet to strike a major impact in the country as compared to other hospitality businesses like the hotels in different African countries. The work sought to access the impact of quality on hospitality businesses, the participation of staff and employees in contributing to quality of services, to identify the link between quality and customer satisfaction, and to find out the benefits of ensuring quality in the hospitality business. The study touched on various variables necessary to ensuring quality services that maximizes customer satisfaction. The researcher used non probability sampling techniques in carrying out this research. Both accidental and purposive samplings were used. From the research conducted, it is quite clear that ensuring quality is of great importance to customers and companies as well. On a whole it is one of the basis of growth in the industry economy because it brings cash inflows to the economy through tourism attraction. The researcher found that upon the various benefits of ensuring quality, there is room for improvement in the service delivery to customers. The hotel management should not only pay attention to servimg the customers but should rigorously imrpove the already high quality of the services they provide to their customers. On the question of recommending other customers to the hotel, almost all the respondents said yes. The reason is very simple and crystal clear. Thus the quality standards of Capital View Hotel is high. Despite all the remarkable impact of quality assurance on customer satisfaction in the hospitality business, the researcher believes that more can still be done to increase the impacts.
A thesis submitted to the Institute of Distance Learning, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of THE COMMONWEALTH EXECUTIVE MASTERS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (CEMBA) DEGREE,2012