Ceramic furniture (an experimental project)

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The objective of the research on Ceramic Furniture is to design and produce samples of ceramic furniture pieces. Furniture in wood has dominated any efforts in producing furniture in ceramic materials. The problem posed to the researcher is to explore ‘clay’ as a viable and reliable material that would singularly or in combination with other materials produce furniture. The depleting of wood forest is forcing man to explore other materials for making furniture. The research into the art of Ceramic Furniture is to introduce a new craft into the curriculum of schools. The research goes in to prove a hypothesis that ceramic materials like clay and cement can supplement wood in furniture production. Samples of clays were experimented upon to find an appropriate clay body that would be suitable for furniture production. Designs were carried out and some of them depicting some Ghanaian symbols were adopted. Sample pieces produced ranged from miniatures to life sizes. In every sample case, a different clay body was experimented. Clay wares made for furniture have existed in rural ethnic communities. .However, little effort has been made intentionally to produce furniture from clay or other ceramic materials, notably; cement stands out widespread in the production of garden furniture for parks, homes and schools. The researcher gathered most information from the inter-net, libraries and local traditional sources. Lack of sufficient information on clay furniture or the research into its production made the craft unknown particularly in Ghana. The researcher recommends that the subject of Ceramic Furniture be introduced into the Visual Arts programmes of schools, colleges and the universities.
A project report submitted to the Board of Postgraduate Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the Masters Degree in Art Education, 2004