Stakeholder management practices in Social Impact Assessment (SIA) of projects: a case of the Tema Motorway-Interchange Project in the Tema Metropolis

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Stakeholder management involves the process of identifying, analyzing, planning for various strategies and implementing those actions to be able to engage efficiently with the stakeholders. These stakeholders include persons or groups who can affect or are affected by the outcomes of a project. Social Impact Assessment which deals with managing the social impact that affect these stakeholders involves regular engagements with the stakeholders to include them in the decision making process of implementing the project. The goal of this study was to explore and understand the stakeholder management practices in social impact assessment of projects. The respondents used for this study were individuals and groups affected by the construction of an interchange in the Tema metropolis. In determining the sample size, a census was used and out of the 115 questionnaires administered only 61 was answered representing 53% response rate. A snow ball sampling method was employed and data was collected through the use of structured questionnaires. From the data collected, it was revealed that various forms of communication was used to contact the stakeholders affected by the project. The stakeholders were also engaged on several occasion and allowed to make inputs in the decision- making process. Planning communication, developing stakeholder engagement plan and prioritizing the stakeholders were considered by the respondents as the most effective strategies to be used during stakeholder management. Lack of Communication was touted as a major challenge in engaging with the stakeholders. It was therefore recommended that there should be constant information flow and structured lines of communication to allow for easy cooperation.
A thesis submitted to the department of Construction Technology and Management, College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award degree of Master of Science in Project Management.
Stakeholder, Stakeholder Management, Social Impact Assessment