Satisfaction of road tolling by road users: A case study of Accra – Tema motorway

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Tolls are implemented on road infrastructures for purposes such as revenue generation and mitigation. They are basically aimed to increase accessibility and meet transportation needs of the citizens and business organizations. The government in the quest to improve road infrastructure deficits with its general limited budget may lease the construction of roads to private entities to build and operate to cover the cost of construction by charging tariffs on the road users before transferring back to the state, or the government may construct a public road and charge a private entity to operate manage and maintain them. The aim of the study is to determine the perceived satisfaction of end users of toll roads on Tema Motorway. The study also has its objectives to find out the level of satisfaction of road users regarding the tolling system, the study also tries to ascertain how road users perceive and understand tolling system, it tries to know how revenues generated from tolling are used as well as find out whether or not users encounter challenges in plying the road. Purposive sampling and interviews were used to gather information from respondents. The data was analyzed qualitatively by using thematic analysis of various themes that emerged out of the data, there are various services expected to be provided while commuters pay tariffs for using the road infrastructure which include available road markings and signage, proper drainage system along the roads, improved lightings and smooth surface of roads. The extents of these services of toll roads are directly related to the level of satisfaction expected by road users. This study uses Accra Tema motorway as a case study to analyze the level of road users Satisfaction and understanding of road tolling by interviewing various user groups, namely commercial users, private and corporate users to find out how they feel about the tariffs they pay accessing the motorway. The review identified that there is a gap between the actual services offered by toll road operators and expected service by road users.The study recommends that revenues from the tolling system on the motorway should not only be used as the basis of evaluating the performance of the road but also the satisfaction of the road users should be a concern to the government or operators
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, College of Arts and Built Environment, in partial fulfillment for the requirements for the Award of Master of Science.
Toll roads, satisfaction, stakeholders, Road users, Tema motorway