Organizational Culture and its effect on productivity; the case study of La Community Bank

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Rural and Community banks in Ghana have been coached by the management of Apex bank limited, their governing body to embrace good organizational practices so as to enhance excellent service delivery as a culture and not only as a tool for doing business. This study investigated the preferred as well as the existing organizational culture and its effect on productivity at LA Community bank. The research reviewed the various types of culture, how culture is created and ways in which culture can be sustained or changed. A twenty-four question (24) survey was conducted to investigate the issue of organizational culture and its effect on productivity at LA Community bank. Forty-one staffs were randomly selected and nine heads of departments were purposively selected to participate. The data collected was analysis using Microsoft Excel. The key results of the research findings revealed thatthere is a need for management of LA Community bank to be creative in finding ways to attract top talents among diverse groups of the employees. Also there is a need for management to readily reward innovation. Management view about change and openness to suggestions were also looked at. Steps to be taking to integrate the various components of good organizational culture at in order to enhance productivity at LA Community bank were also made clear by the respondents according to the survey. Recommendations to improving the organization’s culture and productivity levels at LA Community bank are also presented in this study. The recommendations include management of LA Community bank becoming more open and the need to encourage creativity by management and reward accordingly.
A thesis submitted to the Institute Of Distance Learning, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of COMMONWEALTH EXECUTIVE MASTERS OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION,