An investigation into human relation practices in the education sector in Kumasi.

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This research examined human relations practices in the education sector in Kumasi. The study delved into the role of management in promoting effective human relations in an organisation. The study was to determine the effect of good communication and motivation on human relation in Senior High Schools. It was also to find out the role leadership styles play in promoting good human relation. The study reviewed literature on the concept of human relations and employed a quantitative methodology. The questionnaire was used as the main instrument in the collection of data. The sample group (N- 100) comprised male and female staff from selected Senior High Schools in the Kumasi sub metropolitan areas. The questionnaire measures motivation on four facets, namely praise, money, participation and job satisfaction. The research questions were analyzed through the use of statistics tools (tables, percentages, pie charts, and bar charts). The findings revealed that motivational skills, communication and leadership styles do influence effective human relation in the education sector in Kumasi. The study showed that most supervisors practice autocratic style of leadership which does not encourage participation in decision making. It is therefore recommended that management should practice more democratic style of leadership in order to promote consultation and participation in decision making. It further revealed that the major factor hindering effective human relation are stress, conflict and the lack of proper praise and communication at the workplace. These findings support the notion that good human relation practices in the workplace is very important and is therefore recommended that organizations should undertake need analysis of its employees.
A thesis submitted to the Graduate School of Business KNUST, Kumasi, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a degree in Masters of Business Administration (HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT).