Procurement of Essential Water Treatment Chemicals at the Ghana Water Company Limited

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Effective procurement practices contribute to good Governance by increasing confidence in the fact that public funds are spent in the right direction to reduce wasteful activities. However, achieving such procurement requires empirical evidence to inform stakeholder’s action. This study aimed to examine the procurement of essential water treatment chemicals at Ghana Water Company Limited. A case study involving administration of questionnaires was conducted among workers of GWCL in Accra. The study used a purposive sampling to select 85 workers within the Procurements division. Data analysis involved descriptive statistics using SPSS software. Findings revealed that, procurement of water treatment chemicals adhere to various principles and procurement phases such that contracts were awarded on competitive bases. Findings showed administrative challenges such as delay in the approval process in procurement, shipping delays and congestion at the port, bureaucratic delays in testing. Results suggest that procurement management using the Public Procurement Act has a significant effect on the procurement of essential water chemicals. The study concludes that strengthening current practices will further improve procurement of chemicals for water treatment. Research on procurement within the context of GWCL still has inadequate comprehensive information and encourages future research to focus much on the subject.  
A Thesis Submitted to the Department Of Building Technology, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Master of Science In Procurement Management, 2014