An assessment of recruitment and selection practices among Banks in Ghana. A case study of Asokore Rural Bank Limited and Zenith Bank in the Kumasi Metropolis.

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Recruiting employees is one of the most important decisions taken at the management level, particularly the HRM department of banking institutions. A strong appointment adds huge value to the organisation and furthers the achievement of its objectives. However, a poor appointment can negatively impact on customers, work teams and organisational effectiveness; and cost a great deal of money. This study concentrates on assessing the recruitment and selection practices; and how it affects performance. A descriptive survey method was adopted where questionnaire was employed to source for primary data. The sample size consisted of fifty (50) senior management personnel and all HR department staff, from Zenith Bank plc and Asokore Rural Bank Limited. From the results, it is evident that the HR department plays a key role in developing and implementing policies and procedures to manage employees, spanning across entry to exit. The HR department is thus, an inseparable entity to the functioning of the banks, as it manages the single most important resource of the organization. It was also revealed that the factors that influence employee selection in the two selected banks are candidates’ personality, educational qualification, work experience, previous projects handled and their computer, communication, aptitude, negotiation and team working skills. The selected banks basically engage two types of recruitment; major recruitment is done by the HR department at the head office while the minor recruitment is done by the HR department of the local branch to cover emergencies using the laid down procedures. Furthermore, commitment to work, low turnover rate, good job performance and employee engagement was found to influence the choice between internal and external applicants. The researcher thus encourages the banks to consider other alternatives such as casual application and recruitment consultants in recruiting employees; this saving time and cost. Foundation training for planning and conducting effective recruitment is recommended to help recruiters to select the right candidate for the requisite vacant position.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Managerial Sciences, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business Administration.