Evaluation of the Final Senior Secondary School Visual Art Project/Practical Works: A Case Study of Some Schools in Ashanti Region

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Title: Evaluation of the Senior Secondary School Final Visual Art Practical Examination Name: Antwi-Boadi Emmanuel; Ba (Art); Pg. Dip (Art Education) Supervisor: Dr. E. C. Nyarkoh; Ba (Art); Mfa; Ph.D. This thesis aims at evaluating the Final Visual Art Practical examination conducted by the West African Examinations Council, the statutory examining body of the Ghana Educational system. The Visual arts programme in the Senior Secondary School has been critically examined and the conduct and administration of the examination have been studied and analysed and suggestions have been made to improve the quality of works produced by the students. Reports have shown that the final year Senior Secondary School (SSS) Visual art practical examination does not adequately assess the knowledge and skills embodied in the visual art curriculum. It is also alleged that the quality of some project works that students present for the examinations do not reflect the standard of attainment expected at that level. There have been instances where the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), the examining body has queried some heads and teachers of certain schools whether the works were produced by the students themselves. The thesis therefore critically examines on the conduct, administration and assessment of practical works in Visual art and to suggest ways of improving the quality of works produced by students. The objectives are as follows 1. To study critically the Senior Secondary School Visual art programme 2. To examine the administration and conduct of the practical examination in visual art. 3. To assess the quality of work done by students in selected schools in Ashanti region. 4. To make recommendations/ proposals for improving the Visual Arts Programme in the Senior Secondary Schools. The researcher used the Historical and Descriptive Research Methods. The Descriptive includes the survey and the analytical research. The research tools will include interviews and design and administration of questionnaire. The population includes random sampled schools stores, studio attendants and teachers. The lapses in the teaching and the conduct and administration of the examination were analysed. Finally, proposals, suggestions and recommendations are made for improving the quality of the Visual Arts Practical works and the conduct and administration of the examination to bring about improved results.
A Thesis submitted to the Board of Post-Graduate Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the MASTER OF ARTS Degree in Art Education,2012