Determinants of liquidity of banks listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

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Achieving the optimum level of liquidity is crucial for every bank. A lot of factors have been examined by number of researchers in this area. This study examines the bank specific and macroeconomic determinants of liquidity of banks listed on the Ghana stock exchange. The study examines the determinants of liquidity of banks listed on the Ghana stock exchange. With a data set of 7 banks over a 10 year period spanning 2004 and 2013, the random effects GLS regression based on the Hausman test is used to estimate the determinants of bank liquidity. The study employs liquid assets to total assets as the measure of liquidity (dependent variable) with return on assets, loans, capital adequacy, inflation, gross domestic product, unemployment, return on equity and bank size as the explanatory variables. The results of the panel data regression showed that, while capital adequacy, bank size and return on equity exhibit a positive and a statistically significant relationship with liquidity. Meaning that an increase in any of these variables leads to an increase in liquidity level, components of loan, return on assets and gross domestic product show a negatively significant relationship. Inflation and unemployment have no significant relationship with liquid assets to total assets (dependent variable).
A dissertation presented to the Department of Accounting and Finance in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Masters in Business Administration,