The effect of product innovation strategies on sales growth of a firm: a case study of ecobank ghana plc.

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The study sought to assess the effect of product innovation strategies on sales performance of Ecobank Ghana PLC. A quantitative approach explanatory design was adopted in this study. The population of the study was employees of Ecobank Ghana PLC and a sample size of 250 respondents was considered for the study. The respondents were selected using convenience sampling technique. The study revealed that Ecobank Ghana PLC adopted two kinds of strategy. One has to do with the introduction of an entirely new product whereas the second strategy deals with the repackaging of existing products. The study further found that product innovation strategy has a significant positive effect on sales performance. The study recommended that Ecobank Ghana PLC should make effective product innovation techniques more effective. The study also recommended that Ecobank Ghana PLC must make sure that all its items are always available if it wants to increase sales. This would ensure that Ecobank Ghana PLC's products reach its customers more easily and that the institution continues to meet the needs of its customers through innovative products that would in turn impact growth in terms of sales
This thesis is submitted to the department of marketing in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of master of science in marketing