The impact of human resource policies and procedures on job satisfaction of employees in the Rural Banks: The case of Nsoatreman Rural bank

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Every organization runs its daily affairs with the human resource capacity to meet their aims and objectives as an organization. Studies have indicated that most of these firms do not have much concentration on the individual goals of their employees. Human resource management involves considering of the welfare of the employees. The study aimed at assessing the impact of human resource procedures on job satisfaction of employees in Rural Banks in Ghana specifically the Nsoatreman Rural Bank. The study adopted the quantitative method, using the Census sampling. The questionnaires were submitted to 109 employees and the response rate was 74 percent. The data received from the employees were analyzed using the mean score ranking, the relative importance index and one sample t test. The results from the study indicated that the employees at the rural bank were dissatisfied with some of the HR procedure being used. The key human resource procedures include regulatory compliance and legal management of employees, managing employee incentives like promotions, awards, bonuses etc., and employee record keeping like payroll data, CVs, appraisals. Also, determinates of job satisfaction include management attitude towards employees, technological development and advancements and management commitment. In conclusion, measures must be taken on the human resource procedures being used in the rural bank so as to improve the level of satisfaction of the employees to boost productivity. Measures such as incorporating incentives and allowances for overtime work, routine recognition of hardworking employees like awards and adopting more internal or inward recruitment options. The study therefore recommends that further studies be done on in the other banks such as microfinance, merchant and commercial banks. Also, critical practitioners are also advised to identify a proper system for their workers so that they can be satisfied with the work that they do to increase productivity
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, College of Art and Built Environment In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Master of Science.
Human Resource Procedures, Job Satisfaction, Rural Banks