An Investigation into the Use of ICT Tools in Marketing Communication in the Timber Industry in Ghana: A Case Study Of Naja David Group of Companies (NDGC)

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The study researched into how timber companies in Ghana with particular focus on Naja David Group of companies use Information Communication Technology (ICT) in their Marketing Communications. Empirical evidence in developed countries suggest that organizations in these countries have found creative ways of maximizing the use of ICT tools in marketing communications. It became imperative to discover if these same tools are being exploited by organization in emerging countries like Ghana. The paper investigated whether ICT tools are used rightly or wrongly, the quality of the websites and the impact of the usage on revenue generation. A survey method was used with focus on a Timber company- Naja David Group of Companies. The questionnaire was targeted at the Marketing and IT department as it is believed that these people had a better understanding of what was required as well as having the information needed to provide accurate responses. The questionnaires were sent Via email through Microsoft Outlook which enabled the respondents to provide responses directly on the soft copy. The findings of the research showed that NDGC commenced the use of ICT in marketing communication in 2001. The company has a working website and has over the years built a mailing list. The website is a basic website with light graphics and offers opportunity for clients to sign up on line to receive correspondence from the company.Unfortunately, it seems that this particular feature has not been used by clients as NDGC resorts to coping e-mails. This violates the CAM-SPAM law and could open up NDGC to spamming complaints. Findings also indicate that the organization has made effort to maximize the use of e-mail marketing. They often change the e-mail marketing message, update the content of the website and constantly update software and hardware. Findings also showed a two hundred percent increase in revenue earned prior to 2001 as compared with revenue earned in 2009. It was recommended that NDGC build a website that is heavier in pictures and graphics while not reducing the text, that the company must protect itself from spam complaints by ensuring that only consented clients are sent e-mail and that the Company should advertise their website and encourage people to sign up to receive e-mail from them.
A Thesis submitted to the Institute of Distance Learning, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Commonwealth Executive Masters of Business Administration,