Investigating into the working capital management practice at Cocoa Processing Company Limited, Tema

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The paper sought to investigate into the working capital management practice of the cocoa processing company as a way of understanding how the company had been managed over the years in that it is a strategic agro-processing company that adds value to the nation's major cash crop cocoa and is also much susceptible to failure. An exploratory and analytical research design was adapted to study the working capital management components of the company througha questionnaire which was administered on the company. The Data analysis was based on ratio*"and chart analysis of the data gathered from the company's financial statements. The study concludes that the company has so far been managed well and that it has an average liquidity position from the following performance: Inventory turnover ratio ranges between 4.3-8.02 times, Debtor days ranges between 64-148 days, payable days between 244-573, current ratio between 0.74-1.48:1, quick ratio of between 0.20-0.94:1. This was as a result of a project loan the company contracted. The company is currently meeting its contractual obligation with respect to the loan
A thesis submitted to the Department of Accounting and Finance, kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfilment of the requirementss for the award of master of Business Admnistration (MBA) in Accounting, 2008