A study of the benefits of Airtel Ghana’s corporate social responsibility on the beneficiaries-a case study of la Wireless cluster of schools

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November, 2019
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This study was set up to examine the perceptions of beneficiaries about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performed by corporate entities in general, identify the benefits of Airtel Ghana’s CSR projects in La-Wireless Cluster of Schools and explore the ways that the project can be sustained. It was found that respondents believed the CSR is an obligation for businesses, implementing CSR should be a responsibility of every company, there should be more public recognition for companies doing a lot of CSR projects, companies show they are more concerned about the community rather than their profit when they carry out CSR projects, and business engagement in social issues is an effective and constructive way of addressing social needs. Respondents also indicated that the motivations of companies for undertaking CSR activities are ethical motivation of top management, promotion of corporate image towards positive and to gain commercial advantage to new markets. On the benefits of Airtel Ghana’s CSR projects at La-Wireless Cluster of Schools, it was found that respondents believed that the Airtel Ghana CSR projects namely the Coderdojo, state of the art library and ICT centre, evolve with STEM, connected classroom, back to school initiative, and capacity building for teachers are helping improve teaching and learning especially in the areas of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and also equipping pupils and teachers with lifelong skills. On the issue of sustainability of the CSR projects by Airtel Ghana, respondents believed that the best body to maintain the projects to ensure its sustainability was Airtel Ghana itself, and the least was for a fund to be created so that members of the beneficiary communities contribute toward the maintenance of the project. Based on the findings, it was recommended that Airtel Ghana should expand some of the CSR initiatives such as the back to school and connected classroom to other deplorable area to enable poor but needy students acquire the basis thing they need for school and to help deprived schools take advantage of schools that have facilities to share.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Award Degree of Master of Science in Project Management.
Benefits of Airtel, Ghana’s corporate, Social responsibility, beneficiaries, La Wireless cluster of schools