Modern Trends in Tropical Pharmaceutical Industry Design

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Modern trends are being shaped by Science and Technology today and the pharmaceutical industry is not excluded in this technological age as manufacturers and other stakeholders seek more advanced methods, as in any other sector, to run their businesses. In Ghana, though at a slower pace, the industry is gradually embracing the idea of advanced trends in technology systems in the daily running of their industries. Among the advantages is an improvement in quality of products, a larger customer base and an increase in sales, which are priorities for any business – minded person. Technology has become an integral part of the industry, beginning at the conceptual stage of the design of the facility. Aside function, intelligence and aesthetics have become integral in modern trends in technology and is being applied in the kind of machinery and equipment being manufactured, security systems, construction materials and finishes, control of parameters such as lighting, temperature, humidity, ventilation, maintenance schedules among others. The extents of evolving trends, especially in terms of technology in the industry, like any other sector, cannot be foretold. This study therefore identifies key areas of the industry and the evolving trends there. Set in a tropical background too, the study also explores how modern trends can become adaptable in a generic tropical zone. Also as the industry is health related, trends regarding regulations, procedures and requirements are continually being changed and upgraded and these are also explored. For a better appreciation, all these, culminate in a design proposal highlighting possibilities to modern trends in a tropical setting and the possibilities to the way forward.
A Thesis submitted to the Department of Architecture, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Partial Fulfilment of the Degree of MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE , 2007