Assessing the impact of leadership styles of Head Teachers on academic performance: A case study of selected Schools in the Manhyia Sub-Metro

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The role of head teachers in every institution is very central to the success of the school. Head teachers are responsible for promoting good teaching and learning practices among teachers and students. The role of head teachers has become so crucial that they need to possess the right leadership attributes in order to enable their schools to attain a positive and productive work environment. The focus of the research was is to assess the impact of the various leadership styles adapted by head teachers in their quest to ensure that their schools attain the needed academic results. A total of 355 respondents for Pupils, 93 Teachers and 6 Head Teachers were used for the study. In all 454 respondents were used to gather the information required to make the analysis. the results of the study revealed that, with respect to the leadership style practiced by head teachers, when a holistic path –goal leadership style is practiced it will produce a positive effect on academic performance but when they are practiced in isolation the effect of the leadership style is nullified by situational factors and group characteristics. Therefore for head teachers to see the influence of their leadership they must practice the various leadership styles on the whole but not in isolation. Teachers input and Student efforts were also the only situational variables that were seen to have a significant moderating effect on achievement of high academic performance hence if these group characteristics are monitored they will produce the best of academic performances for schools.
Thesis submitted to KNUST School of Business in partial fulfillment for the award of Master of Business Administration