The Impact of the Public Procurement Act2003, Act 663 on Contracts at the Department of Feeder Roads, Ghana

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The Public Procurement Act, 2003, Act 663 was enacted to ensure sanity in the procurement process after several years of foul play. Procurement represents huge part of government budget and this underscores the importance of procurement. As a result several studies have explored the implementation challenges leading to reforms in the public procurement. However, there is paucity of information regarding the impact of the Act on procurement processes, especially in certain key areas. Against this backdrop, the study aimed at assessing the impact of the Procurement Act on contracts at the Department of Feeder Roads. Hence, the specific objectives included: to identify the challenges in the procurement of works, services and goods in the Department of Feeder Roads; to examine the benefits of the implementation of the Public Procurement Act (663) in the Department of Feeder Roads; and to identify the impacts of the implementation of the Public Procurement Act (663). Adopting both qualitative and quantitative approach to enquiry, the study reviewed various literatures in the discipline. Subsequently, questionnaire survey was used to elicit information from the people involved in public procurement. The study focused on three Feeder Roads Department within three different regions. Data gathered were thus analysed using descriptive statistics, one sample t-test and ANOVA. The findings from the survey point out to the fact that the following were the impact of the Act on contracts in the Department: Delayed payment, Enhances competition, Cumbersome and expensive procedures or requirements, and Communication enhancement. Major challenges identified were Provides too many requirements for a tender document, Delays the Award of contract and Poor Record management. In addition, the research revealed that cost savings, value for money, increase in accountability among others were the benefits of the Act. The study recommended v that Training avenues and Institutions be provided, Setting up a Professional Procurement Body, Good Record Keeping and Management of procurement information.
A Thesis Submitted to the Department of Building Technology, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a degree of Master of Science in Procurement Management, 2014
Procurement, Public Procurement Act, Department of Feeder Roads, Contracts