Examining The Effect Of Supply Chain Integration On Supply Chain Performance In The Oil And Gas Industry In Ghana: Evidence From Service Levels Kits Delivery Of Schlumberger Gos Ghana

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A study that seeks to examine effect of supply chain integration (SCI) on supply chain performance is one that cannot be overemphasized. This necessitated this study to examine the effect of supply chain integration on supply chain performance of service levels kits delivery of Schlumberger Gos Ghana. This was done by selecting sample of respondents who were actors among firms along the supply chain of Schlumberger GOS Ghana of which a response rate of 74.5% was achieved using appropriate methodological approaches. The study revealed that for the firms in Ghana to benefit from supply chain integration, there is the need for absolute supplier integration. That is, those who are at the helm of affairs among firms should develop measures for building strong relationships with their suppliers and providing them with necessary support that is necessary for such collaborating and engagement. Also, the study found out that though internal integration is vital to all stages of supply chain integration, it does not necessarily contribute much to supply chain performance. Finally, the study revealed that when there is supplier quality management, it could yield performance but this relationship was not statistically significant in this study. This means that for Ghana to have higher supply chain performance in the firms along the supply chain of Schlumberger GOS Ghana, there is the need for effective supply chain integration. Supply chain integration is a vital component of ensuring an effective supply chain network. The advantage of supply chain integration can be achieved through efficient relationship among various supply chain activities, with a linkage based on the effective construction and utilization of various supply chain activities for an integrated supply chain. And this is mostly applicable among firms in Ghana.
A thesis submitted to the department of supply chain and information systems, kwame nkrumah university of science and technology, kumasi in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of master of science in logistics and supply chain management