Developing A Scheme for Stakeholder Participation of Power Transmission Projects at Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo).

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November, 2016
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This study’s objective was to analyzed GRIDCo’s stakeholder identification issues and subsequently develop a scheme for stakeholder participation of project delivery at GRIDCo. To realise this general objective, the study sought to: determine the stakeholder management processes of GRIDCo; identify the level of involvement of stakeholders with GRIDCo’s projects; determine the consequences of stakeholders’ non-participation in project definition and planning; to determine the challenges of stakeholder management at GRIDCo; and make recommendations to facilitate effective stakeholder participation at GRIDCo. Survey questionnaires were administered via the face-to-face method. The data gathered was coded and translated into an SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science). Data collected was also analyzed in both descriptive and quantitative forms. It also employed frequency tables, percentages etc, and Relative Importance Index (RII) method. Data was collected from 100 respondents and it was found that GRIDCo undertakes a comprehensive identification and analysis of all stakeholders and communities before commencing projects and top management finds stakeholder management necessary. It was also found that major stakeholders are always involved with project definition and planning at GRIDCo and that overall, the level of major stakeholders’ involvement with GRIDCO’s project planning and design is high. It was primarily found that there are several ramifications of failing to engage and involve major stakeholders in the prevention of GRIDCo from gaining support (financial resources) from powerful stakeholders such donors and sponsors; leads to poor personal and/or working relationships during projects; leads to frequent disagreements on purpose and direction (i.e. buy-in) of projects; leads to project delays and cost-overruns. The five main challenges of stakeholder identification at GRIDCo were found to be the lack of clarity regarding how to identify stakeholders and determine their importance and how to identify stakeholders’ expectations; the failure of project managers to maintain frequent contact with key stakeholders; the inability of GRIDCo to clearly and accurately identify certain legitimate stakeholders; lack of resources and some stakeholders being unreasonable with their demands. In addition to the stakeholder scheme developed and recommended for GRIDCo in order to engender efficient and effective stakeholder identification and management process, recommendations made included seeking top management support and commitment, educating all stakeholders on project objectives, milestones and how they will be executed and also building stronger bonds and ties with stakeholders.
A Thesis submitted to the Department of Building Technology, College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science.