Assessing the role of Service Quality in Organisational Performance in the Insurance Industry of Ghana:-A Case Study of Done Well Insurance Company Limited, Kumasi Area Office.

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To succeed in today’s fiercely competitive markets, companies have to move from a product and selling philosophy to a customer and marketing philosophy which will enable companies increase profitability, market share and retain customers by meeting and satisfying customers and customer needs. Today a competitive market position and a good reputation of a company can quickly translate into market share, and profit, but that distinction is often earned only through a philosophical commitment to service backed by diligent attention to what customers want and need. The essence of this paper is to find out the impact of service quality delivery in organizational performance. Various literatures on service quality were reviewed and all attempts were made in linking the literature to the current study. Quota and purposive sampling were the main sampling techniques used in the study. Questionnaires and unstructured interview were the main research instruments used in collecting the data. It was revealed that a number of clients often encountered the problem of double deduction on their policies and it exhibited that four hundred and fourteen (414) of the insured did not encounter such problems. The problem encountered by staff includes information asymmetry on the part of management. A situation where most of the information needed by front liners in Kumasi to work are sometimes withheld from them, but twice told to their counterparts at other offices, particularly, those in the head office that are the pets of some managers. The study also revealed that DICE normally build their effectiveness on some key individuals through consistent training of such individuals as well as timely and adequate provision of logistics for the service delivery. This is because those individuals are seen by the management as prisms through which the company’s returns on investment can be gauged. However, most of the staff indicated that DICL service quality delivery is effective and has impacted on performance. Notwithstanding that some did not support the idea. It was recommended that DICE should decentralize their system of operations and then give equal treatment to all staff irrespective of where the office is located. In addition, the company should not adopt keyman system where the company’s operation is dependent on certain key element in the company. It was realized that some of the respondents indicated that trainings were not frequently organised. Frequent training of Human capital represents the human factor in the organisation which gives the combined intelligence, skills and expertise that give the organisation its distinctive character. Management therefore needs to organize more training and seminars for effective service quality delivery. This is so because effective customer satisfaction and growth in premium income could be achieved through effective customer service delivery.
A Thesis submitted to the Department of Marketing and Corporate Strategy, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Business Administration, 2008