The presentation of women in the novels of Cyprian Ekwensi: a study of Jagua Nana, Iska and Jagua Nana’s Daughter.

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November, 2015
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Many literary artists have written about the position of women in real life and their role in literary works. Some of these writers both male and female have argued about the less desirable roles assigned women over the years in literature. However, the roles assigned women in literary works have changed and are continuously changing especially from the 1960’s onwards. This research analyses the presentation of women in three novels from Cyprian Ekwensi, a male author, taking into consideration the changing roles of the women in the novels. The project uses the literary theory of Virginia Woolf to show that women can be empowered by being given their privacy and financial independence. The project studies women who initially use what they have – their bodies – to gain what they want – financial independence. Progressively however, the women add professionalism to their sexual exploits. The study concludes by making recommendations that women should pursue education to free themselves from the economic domination of men. Also, the study suggests that women should be willing to rebel against oppressive societal norms and expectations such as patriarchy and team up as and when necessary in order to achieve much in life.
A thesis submitted to the Department of English, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Master of Philosophy in English College of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty of Social Sciences