A manual on indigenous fabric weaving techniques for School

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This project work is based on the use of a manual to improve upon the teaching of indigenous fabric weaving in school. In order to come by the manual, the author conducted an in-depth research into the situation on the ground. This, he did by interviewing some indigenous fabric weavers to familiarize himself with the various materials and tools being used. He also used questionnaire to gather facts on the state of indigenous fabric weaving in the second cycle schools. The facts gathered were assembled, analyzed, and interpreted or conclusion to be drawn. Based upon the findings, the manual was prepared for use by schools. In fact, after trial-testing, the manual proved to be workable. Among other things, this project will help students especially those at the secondary schools; up and coming fabric weavers, and the teachers who have not specialized in textiles and are yet, teaching the subject, to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. This will enable them to learn and teach indigenous fabric weaving with ease.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Education, College of Arts and Social Sciences in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Art Education, 2004