Documentation of some studio works in the Department of Art Education (1987 - 1992)

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Books have their own history which is linked with the time to which they belong and which they in turn help to influence and shape. Art can be said to be three faceted: First, it is the satisfaction from imaginative desires and wishes. Secondly it provides objects of utility. Thirdly art is harmony, which brings together the language and imaginative projections. Therefore art can be summerised as the provision of satisfaction through the imagination, social significance and harmony. Art is both descriptive and evaluative. Thus, anything that can be given value and or described is art. The artistic intellect of a person is aroused and nourished by his ability to make visible things. Art education involves the teaching and learning of art and its subsequent application to other aspects of life. The teacher provides learning experiences that steer the child toward greater aesthetic consciousness and creative power. It is virtually not possible to plan creative work ahead in detail: thus works of previous people are shown or studied to give inspiration to the learner. They are not expected to reproduce exactly what they see but rather study the method of production and creation. One should not forget that the producers of these works had the urge to satisfy their own innermost feeling, therefore, what we see may be alien to us.
A Project Report Submitted to the Postgraduate Studies in partial fulfillment for the Master of Arts Degree (Art Education),1993.