Institute for Hotel and Tourism Training, Accra

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By the year 2000 Tourism is expected to be the largest employer in the World. Tourism and Hospitality are major growth industries both within Africa, Europe and worldwide. Appropriately qualified persons can look forward to rewarding careers in industry where opportunities both within the continent and worldwide are expected to continue to grow. In Africa the situation is similar. Quickly emerging on the world tourist map are countries which hitherto were unknown or known for other reasons. Ghana is one such country known previously for its revolutionary self governing precedence in Africa in 1957. In recent times it is quickly establishing itself as a major tourist destination due to (1) The rich cultural heritage of African American roots. (2) The traditional Hospitality of the people (3) The abundance of natural resources that create an ecologically intact tourist environment. (4) The socio-economic and political climate that augers well for international business investment and its off shoot of tourism. (5) Of no mean qualification is the issue of sports of which soccer and football through the aegis of certain sporting ambassadors has given no small dimensions to Ghana’s popularity. Hence the influx of people of all sorts and skins, African Americans in search of their roots, the ubiquitous Germans, the thrifty British and of course other Europeans not forgetting African brothers and sisters from nearby. Such a stream of people naturally means a lot to the Ghana economy. Foreign exchanged But it has to be sustained, It is the services provided to these visitors, by way of Hospitality provisions i.e. Accommodation and Catering and other related services that bring in the money, not regardless of the very tourist attractions themselves. Consequently a high premium must be placed on such areas. These are divisible into two. (1) The physical-or natural environment (2) The services rendered to support them by way of human resource. The international nature of travel demands that good attention be given to both, to ensure that element of attractiveness to the tourist and potential tourists in order to maintain a competitive edge in the world travel scene. Such is the problem Ghana has to contend with; Manpower supply on one hand - Infrastructure and Physical Provisions on the other. Surveys conducted in the industry reveal however that whereas there is a huge supply of manpower, the majority of them lack formal training which blunts the keenness of whatever service they could offer.
A thesis submitted to the Board of Postgraduate Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture, 1994