Assessing the Possibilities of Research Institutions Industry Partnerships for Wealth Creation: the Case of CSIR/Savanna Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) and Ghana Cotton Company Limited (GCCL) - Tamale, in the Northern Region.

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This study explores the possibilities of creating working partnership arrangement between research and industry, and for that matter between public and private sector organizations, which can jointly provide managerial as well as directional agreement in undertaking projects. The work refers to wealth as benefits that the partnership will generate, it could be in the form of economic or social values, image, new skills or knowledge. It discusses the likely mutually beneficial outcomes of a partnership which is termed by the study as wealth, this is seen as focusing on new learning and ideas, which has a high tendency of supporting both public and private sector organizations in achieving their set goals for economic development. * The study outlines the context of Council for Scientific Industrial Research/Savanna Agricultural Research Institute and the Ghana Cotton Company limited, their, areas of operations, the aims and objectives of the partnership and the possible mechanisms that can hold the partnership together for a successful achievement of its goals. The result of the study indicates that it is possible for the two sectors to partner, undertake projects for mutual benefits. It provides possible areas where both organizations can work together identified by the organizations. It concludes by recommending what should be considered to pave way for partnerships to succeed, change and develop in future without much difficulty particularly between public and private sectors.
A thesis submitted to the College of Arts and Social Sciences, KNUST School of Business, 2008