Sunyani Juvenile Correctional Facility

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Society has lots of responsibilities but neglects some of its responsibilities causing all to pay for the out come. Crime on the streets, pathways and in the communities of our towns and cities have been a worry to all in society and even more worrying is the age range of individuals mostly juveniles involved in these crimes of theft, robbery, assault etc. Society does well to arrest such young individuals and incarcerate them so the streets, pathways and communities are safe but society refuses to ask questions such as where are these juveniles going to be held in incarceration and what is going to be done to in terms of reformation and rehabilitation so that they do not return to their old ways. Juvenile Correctional facilities are one of such places that juveniles can be incarcerated into, where reformation and rehabilitation of the juveniles are administered. This Architectural Design Thesis Report establishes the need for such Correctional Facilities with a focus on proposing a Juvenile Correctional Facility in the Northern sector of Ghana. The Architectural Design Thesis Report presents an Introduction, Overview, Problem Statement, Scope, Target Group, Client and client brief, Source of finance and Research Methodology as Chapter One. The Chapter Two of the Report presents a review of literature on Juvenile Correctional Facilities. Research Methodology needed to compile the Report is given focus in Chapter Three. Findings and Discussions of the Research Methodology for the Report are presented in Chapter Four. Chapter Five of the Design Report gives Conclusions and Recommendations of the Report.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Architecture, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture, 2009