The impact of monitoring and evaluation activities as a viable tool in the performance of the Municipal and Metropolitan Assemblies: A Case Study of The Accra Metropolitan Assembly

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November, 2019
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Monitoring and evaluation has become a critical success factor in the operations of most organizations and could be a viable tool for sustained competitive advantage. Effective monitoring and evaluation activities help organizations to achieve value for money for their projects and programs, as well as ensures efficient utilization of the limited resources of the organization. The research attempted to discuss the effect of the activities of the monitoring and evaluation unit on the performance of Accra Metropolitan Assembly. The aim of the study is to access the impact of monitoring activities as a variable tool in the performance of the municipal metropolitan assembly. The study was conducted using both the random and the purposive sampling techniques with hundred (100) questionnaires distributed to potential respondents. Eighty-five (85) of questionnaires were returned and analysed for the results of the study. Directors, Heads of Departments, Project Coordinators, Line Managers and Supervisors and a random selection of Assembly members were interviewed and questionnaires administered to them to provide the needed information for the study. The results show that 45% of the respondents are of the view that effective practices are not being implemented on monitoring and evaluation at the Assembly, even though 70% of respondents agreed to the significant role played by the monitoring and evaluation activities on the performance of the Assembly. In addition, the results of the study indicated that (91%) of the participants agreed that activities of monitoring and evaluation are not restricted to specific departments or units in the Assembly but every departments of the Assembly. The results also show that fifty-seven (57%) affirmed that monitoring and activities enhances and promotes the image of the Assembly, while (68%) believe that monitoring and evaluation unit of the Assembly enjoys the support of top management. It is recommended that adequate funding, requisite training and effective communication and collaboration with all the various departments in the Assembly must be initiated to deal with the challenges of monitoring and evaluation at the Assembly. It is further recommended that future researchers should attempt a comparative study of monitoring and evaluation activities of both private and public institutions, as well as identifying best practices for effective monitoring and evaluation exercises.
A thesis Submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award degree of Masters of Science in Project Management.
influences, Assessment, Observation, Municipal and Metropolitan Assemblies, Accra Metropolitan Assembly