The role of cloud computing in improving supply chain management in the Ghanaian construction industry.

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The supply chain management in Ghana has not been very effective in meeting the demands of the construction industry. Hence, the trite use of quondam means to deliver goods from one end to the other have not improve over the years. Cloud computing, a module that helps stakeholders to access information from the internet ubiquitously is an emerging approach in supply chain management. Thus, the need to conduct this study which was formulated to explicate the role of cloud computing in improving supply chain management in the Ghanaian Construction Industry. Adopting quantitative research approach and using the snowball sampling technique, top construction firms which were seen to be adopting cloud computing in Ghana were conducted and used for this study. After sending 60 questionnaires out, 42 of them were retrieved. The obtained data was analysed using Relative Importance Index (RII) and Descriptive Statistics. After analysis, it was identified that effective decision making, construction as an information intensive industry and collaboration guaranteeing higher chance of success of projects were identified as the topmost awareness of Cloud Computing in the Ghanaian Construction Industry. Also, some of the benefits of Cloud Computing to the Ghanaian Construction Industry were that the resource usage can be monitored, Cloud Computing present financial benefit to a project and Cloud Solution will enable multiple project management. More so, strategies for implementing Cloud Computing were identified as Education on the cost benefit cloud solution presents on projects, Enable the organization to be able to benchmark its performance, and Enable early supplier involvement in any project. The study recommends amidst others that Cloud Computing should be promoted within the supply chain area to ensure that stakeholders can easily access information and speed up productivity in the industry.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, College of Art and Built Environment, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award degree of Master of Science.
Awareness, Cloud Computing, Supply Chain Managemen, Ghana