Herbal drug production facility

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PREAMBLE "Dr Ibrahim Samba, Africa's regional director, world health organization (WHO), explains that even though African traditional medicine (herbal drug) has been stigmatized as backwards practice during colonialism, it has continued to strive because it is culturally accepted and more than 80% of Africans use it" Their popularity is a result of their availability. According to the World Health Organization, traditional medicine has a central role to play in the 21s1 century since the orthodox medicine is no longer sufficient In Ghana this discernible fact is due to lack of inappropriate infrastructure and inadequate mechanisms which has not been put in place. Herbal drugs are mostly on demand when all orthodox medicine has failed. Herbal drugs are not processed under the right means and mechanisms. The government has therefore found it prudent to add herbal drugs to the list of drugs under the national health insurance scheme which will reduce die demand on orthodox medicine and serve as an alternative medicine. It is in this view that Fralena want to put up a structure to cater for this since it product is been considered. Herbal medicine will go a kmg way to improve the primary health care system in the country since it is already accepted. Herbal medicine today is being used by lot of people; about 80% have used or are still using herbal drugs. The thesis design seeks to address this topic to elaborate on the necessity of the herbal drug industry.  
This draft thesis report is presented tot he Department of Architecture as partial fulfilment of the requirement of Post Graduate Diploma of Architecture Degree in Architecture.