Time Performance of public building projects in Ghana

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This study investigates the time performance of public building projects in Ghana. The aim is to improve the time performance of public building projects in the country. The study adopted the quantitative research strategy and survey research method with the use of questionnaires and interview to seek Experts' Opinion on the projects duration estimation methods currently used in practice, the time performance of public building projects and relevant time-influencing factor within the Ghanaian construction environment. The result of the research revealed the mean Time Performance Index (TPI) of public building projects in Ghana within the range 1.9035 to 2.7143. This suggests that on the average, public building projects takes between 1.9035 to 2.7143 times the original project duration to complete, an indication of poor project time performance. The research identified this poor TPI to be due to over-dependent on experience for the determination of project duration and lack of proper project planning. Also public building projects durations were mostly given by the client who will normally not have any scientific basis for it. Thirty-five (35) significant construction time-influencing factors were established out of the 72 identified with the first six in the order of decreasing importance being Project Finance Method, Material (Prices/Availability/Supply/ Quality/Imports), Clients' Financial Ability, Completeness and Timeliness of Project Information, Variation Orders/ Additional Works (Magnitude, Timing, Interference Level) and Contractors' Financial Capability (Table 5.13). It was recommended that scientific approach and proper project planning be adopted for the estimation of project durations and time control to improve time performance.
A dissertation submitted to the College of Architecture and Planning,Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Master of Science in Construction Management.