Concealling defects on indigeneous tanned leather surfaces: Colouring measures as techniques

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Good leather surface quality is very vital in leather artefact production. Having a bad or unpleasant leather surface for artefact production hinders patronage and appreciation of such products at large. Leathers produced locally by tanners and local leather craftsmen in their attempt to satisfy customers and also meet market demand encounter some surface disorders of some of these leathers that are used for producing artefacts. In light of this, this research aimed at concealing leather with colour as management techniques towards improving the surface quality of the leather and its products at large hence, addressing the following objectives; To identify and classify surface defects on locally tanned leather and leather artefacts, to explore the various colouring techniques to conceal defects on the indigenous tanned leather surface and to produce articles using the concealed indigenous tanned leather. The researcher in achieving the set objectives employed the qualitative research design where the experimental and descriptive approaches were used respectively to help identify, experiment and describe vividly towards its assessment and recommendation in that regard. Concealed leathers including insect bites, pale surfaces and stains were the most managed leathers. The study identified various surface defects associated with Ghanaian indigenous leathers and were categorized under two major areas namely Ante-mortem and Post-mortem defects. Defects such as scratches, insect bites, stains, pale surfaces or un-even dyeing and flay cuts. The researcher experimented with dyeing method, screen printing method and spraying method as strategies to conceal identified surface defects.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Integrated Rural Art and Industry in the Faculty of Art College of Art and Built Environment,in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Philosophy in Integrated Art (Leather Technology Option).
Defects, Indigeneous, Tanned Leather