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Religion is an activity which is supposed to be a source of inspiration to those who practice it meant to uplift one’s soul knowing that all will be well if one adheres to the teachings doctrines of the religion in question. Religion has from creation played an important role in man’s way of life. The influence of various peoples, places and times have led us to designate ourselves as Christians, Moslems, Social Bolsheviks Buddhists and so forth. Specifically in the field of religion, we have tried established many varieties ephemeral, physical and mental arrangements varieties denominations according to the various peoples, places and times and precisely for this reason can envision ourselves “changing religion”. Despite all these different demonstrations, only one well-known God the Almighty is tried to be reached. Basically, it is only when we attain transcendental knowledge, and are established in the actual, external religion of the living entity-the spirit soul-then and then only can we attain real undeniable peace, prosperity and happiness in the world, which is the need of all religious people who try to reach to this god. Each religion has a specific supreme being, prophet, Saint or well known personality through which they get to the omnipotent, supreme and most high God. Christians believe in trinity (God head or three in one) God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and it is through this some of God (Jesus Christ) that man can get to God. The use of the bible by Christians contains the words and teachings of Christ and from its various doctrines are obtained. The Hare Krsnas get through to God by the teachings of Krsnas or Visnu known as sri (Lord) Krsna the personality of god head. They believe in demigods or godly persons like Prahlada Maharaja of these are devoted to the supreme god (Lord) just like how the Christians have saints, such as St. Augustine, Joan of Ark and prophets such as Moses and Abraham for the Christians Moslems on the other hand get to God through Mohammed, their supreme personality of God head. The religions other than Christianity never accepted the personality of Godhead and inspite of all these doctrines different beliefs all the know supreme personalities of religion as well as their servants (prophets messengers of God, saint) teach that we have to search our external peace and prosperity in the Kingdom of God, which is beyond this mortal world. Christianity which is the most widely accepted religion is a name first given to believers in Jesus Christ at Antioch in Syria about AD 43 was perhaps given contemptuously, but was accepted by followers of Jesus Christ as a fit title. Jesus Christ which is the Greek form of Joshua meaning God is help, or Saviour and Christ meaning Anointed was born in 4 B. C. he to Christians is the only begotten Son of the Father in the flesh. He lived a sinless life and wrought out a perfect atonement for all mankind by the shedding of his blood and his death on the cross. He arose from the grave and brought to pass the bodily resurrection of every living thing and the salvation and exaltation of the faithful. He will come again and in power and glory to dwell on the earth and will stand as judge of all mankind at the last day. Taking the Christian setting today, it is the largest and most widespread religious group of people in the world. It is divided into many groups and consists of various denominations, as a result of different interpretations of the Bible after the death of Christ. Some of these are the Catholics, Methodist, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Anglicans, Charismatic’s, Latter-Day-Saints, Adventist, just to mention a few. With the break away from the Catholic Church referred to as the reformation, led by Martin Luther, in 1520, many breakaways followed. Typical was that by John Calvin in the 1930’s from the Lutheran, and that of the Anglican from the Catholic Church led by King Henry of England. These led to the formation of other churches like the Methodist church, by John Wesley and the Presbyterian Church.
A thesis submitted to the Board of Postgraduate Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture, 1998