The effect of media advertising and personal selling of banking products on sale: a case study of an indigenous Ghanaian Bank (Unibank Ghana Limited)

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An organisation can be seen as an open social system in which all of the components of the unit or systems are interactive and interdependent. Modification of one part of the system necessitates adjustments to be made by all the components to accommodate the change. The marketing communications undertaken by organizations within these systems can be regarded as a series of communication episode. For many years there has been considerable debate about how advertising and personal contribute to sales. Indeed, exponent of strong theory holds that advertising can influence someone to buy a product he or she has never previously purchase. The upward shift in sales is achieved through the use of manipulative and psychological techniques, which are deployed against consumers who are passive, possibly because of apathy, and are generally incapable of processing information intelligently. Other writers believe that consumers pattern of brand purchase is driven more habit than by exposure to promotional massages. The consensus is that, there can be no single all embracing agreement that explains how these two elements in the promotion mix work. This research work has contributed to this development and has enriched marketing in general and advertising and personal selling in particular especially to service sector development. This research work has the objectives of finding out how advertising and personal selling contribute to sales, how media advertising and personal selling help achieve sustainable competitiveness and to recommend how service sector organisation can effectively use advertising and personal selling to achieve cooperate strategic objectives. The survey reveals that a single promotional tool provides insufficient communication to achieve targeted sales. It was noted that the decision to buy banking services normally evokes high involvement, and motivation to buy occurs through effective presentation of the service offer. Service sector organizations should use clear unambiguous massages to communicate the range, depth, quality and levels of their services. Advertising and personal selling effort should emphasis the benefits of their services rather than their technical details and should obtain mobilize and maintain maximum customer co operation in the service. Production process as the service is often an interactive system.
A Thesis Submitted to the Institute of Distance Learning, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Commonwealth Executive Master in Business Administration, May-2009