Customers usage behaviour of e-banking services: interplay of electronic and traditional banking

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Banks across the world including Ghana are investing significantly into the provision of e-banking services in the hope that this will translate into higher returns and market penetration. Any strategy aimed at achieving widespread adoption and use of these ebanking services rests on solid understanding of factors that influence customers’ adoption and use of the services. This study is aimed at examining the multiple ways customers of adb, GCB, and Absa Bank in Obuasi use electronic banking services as compared to traditional banking services. By the use of questionnaire, a sample of three hundred (300) customers of three banking institutions based on convenient sampling was used to examine the multiple ways the banks used electronic banking services as compared to traditional banking services. The research employed SPSS and Microsoft Excel 2016 to analyze data obtained from the questionnaires. The research revealed that in spite of the existence of e-banking tools, customers still use cash for payment of transactions, withdrawing cash from branches of their banks, visit banks to make cash deposits and build personal contact with human tellers at the banks. These behaviours of customers towards the usage of e-banking services are largely influence by the existence of fraud in cash transactions, acceptance of cash as payment and deposits in banking transactions, interests/hidden charges, lack of security, frequent connection breakdown. The study recommended that management of banking institutions should improve the security and privacy of customers using e-banking services.
A thesis presented to the department of accounting and finance, kwame nkrumah university of science and technology in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of master of science (accounting and finance)