Immunological Profile of HIV- Infected Patients Undergoing Herbal Treatment

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In a study to evaluate the efficacy of some herbal products as HIV/AIDS therapeutic, three herbal products were assessed in six HIV-infected patients by studying the virological and immunological parameters to see how it may be altered in these patients. CD4+ T – cell numbers, plasma viral load levels, concentrations of IFN –γ and IL – 10 were measured at the point of initiation and then monthly for a period of six months. Patients from Centre one (C001) had a substantial increase in their CD4+ T – cell counts and a significant reductionin their plasma viral load levels by the end of the study indicating the possible efficacy of the herbal product they had taken. Virologically and immunologically patients from Centre two (C002) and Centre three (C003) showed non- response to treatment.
A Thesis Presented to the Department of Clinical Microbiology in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement for the Award of the Degree of Master of Science (Clinical Microbiology).