The effects of scope management on project success in Construction project management

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In project management, a well-defined scope of a project enhances the changes of completing the project successfully within the time scheduled, budget allocated and the desired quality. During the pre-planning phase of a project, scope definition is undertaken and is a period in which a considerable amount of resources and time is needed in activities leading to the final investment decision. Defining the scope of a project is proven to be an effective way to decrease significant risks that could arise and enhance the chances of success of the project during its implementation. It is supposed that during pre-planning, projects with a well-defined scope are less likely to run into surprises like cost overruns, scope creep, schedule slippages and deliverables that are of poor quality. In this thesis, by gathering relevant research findings, aims to investigate the effects scope management have on project success in the Ghanaian construction industry. Three objectives were set on which literature review was conducted which includes: To determine the significant effects project scope definition has on construction project performance; to identify the challenges experienced in project scope management; and to determine ways of improving scope management for successful project delivery. Quantitative research method was adopted in conducting the study. The study was limited to five D1K1 construction firms in the Greater Accra region of Ghana, in which 48 out of 55 questionnaires were retrieved from Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers. The analysis carried out was on their mean scores, standard deviation and Relative Importance Index (RII). The findings of the research indicated that: More accurate estimation of tasks, risks, timelines and costs; Appropriate resource allocation; Project quality enhancement; Prevention of budget overrun; and Prevention of delay in project schedule are significant effects project scope definition has on construction project performance. It was recommended that organizations put in their best to enhance effective project scope management through organizing workshops and interview with stakeholders. Moreover, project scope should be documented in a comprehensive way and it should be accessible to everyone within the project team. Also management in organization should ensure that all works essential to attain project objective are considered and well-articulated before the commencement of project
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Degree of Master of Science in Project Management.
Project management, Project Scope Managemen, Project Success,, Construction Project.