The impact of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on customer satisfaction and loyalty: a study of Divine Love Hospital, Bibiani - Western Region

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Customers are the lifeline of every profit-making business and satisfied customers are a business’s surety to remain and thrive. Any effort to so manage a business organisation’s customers in the hope of maintaining a longer-lasting business-to-customer relationship is worth supporting by its management. It is in this regard that the Management of Divine Love Hospital thought it prudent to keep and maintain an on-going relationship with its client/customer base. This necessitated the study to assess the impact of customer relationship management on customer retention and loyalty at the said Hospital. Two hundred and thirty (230) comprising both out-patients and admitted cases, patients’ relatives as well as staff/management of the Hospital were used using random sampling and purposive sampling procedures for the study. On the impact of customer relationship management on customer satisfaction, it was discovered from the study that, employee behaviour, application of technology, and quality service (all components of CRM) has significant positive impact on customer satisfaction. Using customer loyalty as the dependent variable, the study found that customer loyalty is significantly influenced by customer relationship management. The result shows that behaviour of employees has the most significant impact on customer loyalty, indicating the need for the hospital to train its workforce to improve interaction with customers.
A thesis submitted to The KNUST School of Business in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Business Administration (Marketing Management & Corporate Strategy),