A manual on freestyle lettering for Senior Secondary Schools

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This project is on freestyle lettering for senior secondary schools. The research is aimed at finding out the real meaning of freestyle lettering which has eluded many for some time now and had prevented researchers from researching into that discipline or writing books and manuals for the teaching of the subject. To achieve this aim, the research delves into literature on existing freestyles apart from lettering and a thorough look and analysis is made on how they operate. This became necessary because freestyle lettering per say does not have any detail information that can be referred to. Deductive reasoning and logical arguments backed with supportive evidence are used to demystify the misconceptions people have about freestyle lettering and to establish a case for designing a manual or guide for freestyle lettering. Literature on lettering reviewed includes theories and rules governing it. Tools and equipment for lettering are discussed showing their pictures with the function of each explained. This project identified and classified freestyle lettering based on appearance and design. Samples of the various categories of freestyle lettering are provided together with the step-by- step-approach to designing them. Apart from two examples that exist, the entire samples are originally created or designed by the researcher with the sole Elm of’ helping students to identify similar ones they come across. The various categories of letters are named according to their appearance or how they ate designed.
A thesis submitted to the School of Graduate Studies, KNUST - Kumasi in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts degree in Art Education, 2005