An Investigation into the Application of Construction Planning Tools and Techniques by small scale contractors in the Ghanaian Construction Industry.

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Construction projects like other projects are guided by objectives which are achieved when effective planning is deliberately done. Moreover, quality is assured with effective planning. Irrespective of the activities undertaken on a construction projects, due diligent to planning is essential which adapts accepted techniques for the realization of the project objectives. Small Scale Construction Firms (SSCF) are challenged with the application of the planning tools, therefore, the study aims at investigating into the construction planning tools and techniques used by SSCF in the Ghanaian Construction Industry. Review of existing literature was carried out to identify the factors and it was followed by questionnaire survey to the respondents. 73 questionnaire were retrieved out of 80 questionnaires administered. The analysis was consequently grounded on this response rate. Mean Score Ranking and Relative importance index were the analytical tools used on the data collected. The following findings were identified from the study; respondents indicated that organizations utilized only simple tools, and tools that require less training to use. Furthermore, it was revealed that management problems, limited project planning, knowledge, awareness problems, policy problems are the challenges faced by SSCF in the implementation of construction planning tools and techniques. The following recommendations were made due to the findings of the study; construction professionals should have formal training in construction planning education in order to apply construction planning and techniques tools, or otherwise organizations should employ the services of qualified construction planning professionals to undertake construction planning.
A Thesis submitted to the Department of Building Technology, College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science.